Mistweaver Effects


Adel Rashid // Guitarist of Amateur Takes Control and I Am David Sparkle.

Photographer: Aloysius Lim.

Adel uses The Serpent.

Ahmad Ariff // Guitarist of PleasantryAmateur Takes Control and Paris In The Making.

Photographer: Rueven Tan.

Ariff uses The Serpent and Forestry.

"The Forestry has that pleasant liquid-y overdrive that fits in well within the band mix when I'm doing chords. The dynamic range is unrivaled. Great pedal." - Ariff.

Aldi // Guitarist of HEALS

Photographer: Raden Muhammad Suryokusumo

Aldi uses The Serpent

Field Teo // Guitarist of Caracal and Amateur Takes Control.

Photograper: Frame 35

Field uses Forestry.

Nicholas Ng (Skinny) // Guitarist of Marijannah.

Photographer: Eng Ngee

Skinny uses The Serpent

"A fuzz and a boost all in one pedal? Sign me up! Balls to the wall fuzz with a mid range so you won’t get lost in the groove." - Skinny

Isa Ong // Guitarist of sub:shaman. Bassist of Pleasantry and Amateur Takes Control.

Photographer: Ryhan Tomita.

Isa uses Forestry.

"The Forestry is transparent and gives me overdriven tones that has clarity with chords, and thickness with riffs. It kicks in that extra oomph without taking away the good stuff I'd prefer to keep in my guitar" - Isa

Jay // Guitarist of HRVST.

Photographer: Bryner Tan.

Jay uses The Serpent.

"Very versatile with literally testes crushing tones! Smooth, tight but at the same time as chaotic as a hog riding goat." - Jay

Melvin Ong // Bassist of HRVST and Losing End

Photographer: Yaz.

Melvin uses The Serpent.

"If you need a good fuzz pedal that brings the fuck out of your dirty tone, this is the pedal you ought to check out. It works exceptionally well with both bass and guitar" - Melvin.

Redzuan 'Wan Lalat' Hussin // Bassist of Force VomitToko Kilat and Sherene's Closet.

Wan uses The Serpent. 

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