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The Forestry overdrive is our take on a Dumble-in-a-box. We've designed this for great touch sensitivity, tube-like responsiveness and plenty of gain.

With 2 clipping options, the user can choose between a symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping mode. The symmetrical clipping mode makes use of NOS Soviet-era Germanium diodes to give the Forestry an organic sounding overdrive with unsurpassable touch sensitivity. The asymmetrical clipping mode gives a slightly more aggressive and compressed sound, reminiscent of an actual tube amp.

The Forestry features volume, gain, tone and presence knobs. The presence knob allows the user to control the harmonic overtones that are being overdriven; this allows for dialing in the perfect amount of highs, ensuring compatibility with any amp.

Ultimately, the Forestry is an extremely versatile pedal; it’s suitable for those looking for heavier overdriven tones, but where the pedal truly excels is the light to medium gain tones.

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